Cucha Tanguera- Accommodation in Buenos Aires

Tango & Spain

We offer Tango and Spanish courses in the Cucha Tanguera.

After the breakfast Tango and Spanish learning, and then delve into the life of the porteños! So, your holidays will be a special experience.


Tango - The dance of Buenos Aires

Dance lessons in Cucha with professional tango teachers. You learn the passionate dance of the porteños and you will discover the nocturnal world of the milongas.


Learning Spanish in privat Lessons

In private lessons you learn what you need. Spanish for the first independent steps in the Calles of Buenos Aires. Or enlarge the vocabulary, conversation practice or deepen the grammar. The topics you discuss directly with the teacher.



On request we can make a package for you with accommodation, Tango and Spanish lessons and tourist activities such as excursions, city tours, milonga visits, etc..