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Cucha Tanguera- Accommodation in Buenos Aires


Explore and Discover Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A city tour, a journey through the milongas, or even a trip to Mendoza or Iguazu. There are many ways to experience the country. We organize and accompany you by discovering and enjoy the tourist destinations or unknown insider tips .

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has a very rich cultural life. Starting with the tourist events such as a visit to a Cena-Show (A tango show at the highest level with dinner in a beautifully hall), a visit to the Teatro Colón or a Bartour in Palermo Soho. Or exhibitions in museums, individual city tours or a visit to the La Boca district, art events and concerts in hidden corners and alternative theater. Buenos Aires lives day and night and has a seemingly inexhaustible range of attractions.

Argentina / Urugay

Argentina is 3,700 km long and 1,400 km wide and has a wide range of climate, from tropical regions in the north-east over subtropical areas in northern and temperate zones to the cold southern regions in the south and in the mountains of the Andes. Excursions such as boat trip across the Rio de la Plata to Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay, a Dia de Campo on a ranch or to the river delta of the Paraná River, called Tigre, as well as multi-day trips to the wine region of Mendoza or to the waterfalls Iguazu are a perfect complement to the vibrant city ​​life of the Porteños (So called the inhabitants of Buenos Aires).



On request we can make a package for you with accommodation, Tango and Spanish lessons and tourist activities such as excursions, city tours, milonga visits, etc..